8-Week Get Healthy Makeover

Join a close-knit group to embark on an eight-week program to get healthy, gain confidence, and establish a personalized food plan and kitchen routine to support your health in a sustainable, practical way. Buckle up as we integrate physical protocols and mindfulness to solidify your vitality and well-being for long-term success.

What students are saying….
“There are many programs designed to help people improve health and lose weight. I haven’t come across one that incorporates the whole self (mind, body, soul) and environment quite like the Get Healthy Program by True Balance Wellness. I feel supported and encouraged. The goals, plans, and lifestyle modifications are individualized to suit my needs and wishes. I feel like I’m working in partnership with Linda Curry rather than in a teacher/student relationship. I am so glad I signed up!” -Jessica Gallegos

“I’ve often thought about joining a health program but didn’t know if I could follow through with the time and effort commitments. I’m so glad I gave Linda Curry’s program a try, because she makes it so easy and convenient. With videoconferencing, emails and text messages, all the support and tools are available from my laptop or iPad. Every week I gain some tips or insights from Linda and my fellow participants, plus it’s encouraging to hear about their successes and challenges. By setting aside that one hour each week to participate in the discussion, I find myself paying more attention to what I’m eating, how much I’m exercising and other ways I’m taking care of myself throughout the week. Linda always has wisdom to offer from which we all benefit. I highly recommend her health program to anyone wanting to take better care of themselves and achieve their health goals.” – Terri MacDonald


  • Goal planning
  • Cleansing/detox
  • Tailored Food Program
  • Eliminate Food Cravings
  • Optimize Health
  • Long-term sustainability
  • Renewed Confidence
  • Support
  • Recipes


This program will facilitate creating personal goals as you embark on this get-healthy makeover customized to you. We will implement several protocols for cleansing, food substitutions, and testing food sensitivities to design an eating program just for you. We will also set goals toward exercise/movement, stress management, sleep and mindfulness protocols. Recipes, support, and accountability all included tailored to your needs. Looking forward to working with you on a lifelong plan to get healthy in 2019 and beyond.

Location: Online Video Conferencing from the comfort of your home

Date: Next Program March 6th 2019 for 8 Consecutive Wed evenings 6-7PM MST

Cost:  Bring a friend and split the cost. Only $25/week/person 

Register: Register Here Classes fill up fast. Limited to 8 attendees for personal support.

Email questions  to Linda@TrueBalanceWellness.com 

Health educator & practical chef, Linda Curry, facilitates “attaining health one bite at a time.”  After culinary arts training, herbal and nutritional certifications, Linda is living her dream teaching others to heal and nourish through a whole-foods, plant-strong diet.  Linda has experience educating cancer patients with a whole-foods, nutrient-dense diet, and doing personalized and group food prep lessons.  Linda has been showing individuals how to easily make delicious, practical, plant-based meals for optimal health in a busy world. Find Linda’s whole-foods, allergy-friendly recipe books here.

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