Offering Public Speaking Services for Individuals

You’ve been given an opportunity for a public speaking engagement and you’re riddled with nerves. You know it would be great exposure and maybe it’s even a little exciting, but you’re afraid you may crumble up there.

Do not fear. I’ve been where you are at and remember it well. I would like to share with you some tips to boost your confidence and feedback on your material and delivery ensuring you can walk up there with ease, delivering a heart-connecting, impactful message.

Inexpensive Public Speaking Coaching Services for individuals

  • Coaching offered through Zoom video conferencing
  • Fees calculated per 30 minute increments for convenience (only $49)
  • Ask about longer term coaching services to meet your needs

Contact Linda for more information.


Linda Curry is an author, speaker and teacher in the areas of spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. Dedicated to living her best life, Linda assists others to cultivate health through her expertise in spiritual growth, herbalism, plant-based culinary cuisine, nutrition counseling and health coaching. Linda is a compassionate lover of animals, the environment and living our best lives.