The 4-Minute Miracle and Gut Health (book 2)

By best selling author, Linda J. Curry

Solidify your Health, Vitality AND your Sexy from the Inside-Out

If you have had difficulty grasping a healthy relationship with food and feel frustrated with the constant health struggles even with a near-perfect diet, you are not alone.

Buckle up as we address multiple facets of healing. Physical protocols will unlock one of the most effective anti-aging secrets around. And spiritual nourishing will finally solidify your relationship with food as you begin to reveal your complete self; exuding full confidence, speaking your truth, and being truly free. Now that is sexy!

The 4-Minute Miracle (book 1)

By best selling author, Linda J. Curry

Stop Dieting, Drop Deprivation
and Reclaim Your Sexy!

“The 4-Minute Miracle” releases excess weight, intensifies confidence, and reclaims your sexy! Lifelong health and vitality awaits you!

Change your mindset around food. Depriving yourself will no longer be a strategy and any guilt associated with eating will be a thing of the past.

Learn a common-sense approach to food. Choosing the right foods for your body is key, as one-size does not fit all.

 Finally, discover the miracle itself to seal the deal. The four-minute ritual revealed in this book will smash your stress-eating triggers as you regain a nourishing relationship with food.

Come with me on this amazing adventure as you transform your health and vitality, revealing your ravishing self.

What People are Saying about The 4-Minute Miracle…

“I find myself savoring it, soaking it in. I think it draws out introspection and reflection. Healthy and healing! Yet another wonderful book that filled my soul and spurred me on to live a happier, healthier life and to ‘dig deep’.”   – Valerie Ingram, teacher/author and President of Lakes Animal Friendship Society

 “I love Linda’s honesty and openness.  Her “Acceptance Statements” are so lovely, so gentle, so realistic, real and achievable. Excellent stuff!”

“Acceptance. To be ‘enough.’ All things many of us are working on. This resonates. Well done. LOVED, ‘life opens up and you move through it with grace and ease.’ That is just so well said and captures so much in a succinct, poignant manner.” 

 After implementing The 4-Minute Miracle, I felt more confident and accepting of myself and other people around me. My mood felt brighter. I felt calm, comforted, strong, and capable. I feel as if I’ve been given a gift, and I plan to share The 4 Minute Miracle with my friends and family.  – Jessica from Chandler, AZ

“We all have a relationship with food.  Some of us have healthy relationships, others live in a world of yo-yo diets. Linda’s book shows us that a deepening relationship is one that is healthy, flexible and simply works.  For 4 minutes a day, we get vigilance without exhaustion and a winning formula to great health and vitality.”  – Rev. Evelyn Foreman, Author, Spiritual Teacher

About the Author:

Linda J. Curry is an author, speaker and teacher in the areas of spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. Dedicated to living her best life, Linda assists others cultivate health through her expertise in spiritual growth, herbalism, plant-based culinary cuisine, and coaching.

Linda has gone through personal transformation that is so profound, her will to share this wisdom with others is undeniable. After suffering from allergies, respiratory ailments and digestive issues, Linda transformed her life through food and later discovered even more growth through spiritual transformation. She feels compelled to share her experiences of transformation with others as an obligation to her life’s purpose and her willful passion.

Linda yearns to help others live their best lives through transformational growth principals. She is gifted in simplifying concepts for ease of incorporating them into one’s life. She is a natural teacher at heart and absolutely loves living on purpose serving others with these gifts.  [read more]