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Linda Curry is an author, speaker and teacher simplifying proven health strategies to reclaim health and vitality. Women in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and beyond is Linda’s specialty but works with people of all walks of life. Dedicated to living her best life, Linda assists others to cultivate health through her expertise and natural gifts. Linda is a compassionate lover of animals, the environment, and overall health. She is especially passionate about educating others on the importance of food on our overall health through compassionate, whole food preparation, bringing empowerment and good health to those willing to learn. Linda’s motto, “attaining health one bite at a time,” is achieved through simplifying health protocols. Being healthy doesn’t have to be hard.

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My Health Journey

After moving from Wisconsin to Arizona in 1989, Linda became extremely health-conscious despite the environmental allergies acquired among other health issues. Linda discovered that slowly eliminating certain foods from her diet over time (gluten, dairy, peanuts), gave her a sense of well-being that she desperately yearned for. Personal experience taught her that the food we put in our mouth has a tremendous impact on health and she now dedicates her life to sharing her experience and knowledge with others.

“Let your food be your medicine and
medicine be your food.” – Hippocrates

Making a Difference

Linda spends her time working with individuals who may have health challenges as well as health-conscious individuals that desire direction to figure out their health challenges. She loves to dive into your health picture and come up with protocols to get more balance in your health journey through consultations or coaching.

more advanced cooking instruction and food preparations like such as fermentation, sprouting, soaking, raw-foods, juicing and more. Calling herself a “Practical Chef,” Linda focuses on simplicity for the busy individual as well as individualized, cost-effective food preparation taking a common sense approach to diet.

Linda has dove into health strategies way beyond food as she works with many women over 40 dealing with menopause or perimenopause symptoms such as fatigue, sleep or hormonal issues and of course unwanted weight gain.

My Education

After graduating with a bachelors degree from Arizona State University and an MBA from the University of Phoenix, Linda dove head first into the fields of nutrition, herbalism, plant-based culinary arts, appeared on ABC morning show as a plant-based chef, authored two recipes books, 4 self-help books, numerous health articles, and worked as a raw food chef at a cancer center in Mesa Arizona. Linda is passionate about the latest health strategies and research and simplifies these protocols for her clients.

Connect With Me

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