Holistic Health Consultations

Health consultations serving Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Gilbert and Phoenix, Arizona and Northern Arizona (Payson, Heber, Forest Lakes, Show Low) and available remotely through Zoom video conferencing.

“Practical Chef,” Linda Curry

Health Consultations

“Attaining Health, one Bite at a Time”

  • Health consultations available customized to your health challenges. Specializing in women 40+ yrs with perimenopause or menopause symptoms such as sleep disturbances, fatigue, weight gain, hot flashes, low thyroid, low energy, sluggish digestion, anxiety, etc. Focusing on detoxification, supporting overtaxed adrenals, and customizing a diet and lifestyle plan for you often can ease symptoms of menopause and perimenopause. Even how and when you exercise makes a difference for women in this stage of life for managing weight, bone and muscle strength, energy, and vitality.
  • Other health conditions include: food intolerances, diabetes, cancer prevention, heart disease, obesity.
  • After a questionnaire is filled out, trouble-shooting and research takes place to come up with recommendations and protocol for your situation. Linda then meets with you (up to 90min) either in person or on Zoom/phone to gather more data and discuss detailed recommended protocol. Fee is $349.
  • If a quick coaching session is more your style, Linda offers 30 minutes of her undivided time via phone or Zoom to pinpoint potential culprits to your health challenges (questionnaire and research not included). Fee is $99.
  • Please contact Linda for scheduling at Linda@TrueBalanceWellness.com

Who May Benefit from a Health Consultation:

  • Those looking for a vibrant, healthy life and ready to make changes.
  • Those with health challenges prompting a lifestyle change (hormonal imbalances such as low thyroid, liver congestion, estrogen-dominance, sleep issues, weight gain, hot flashes, low energy, and more).
  • Other conditions such as: heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, auto-immune conditions.
  • Those wanting to implement a whole foods protocol and other lifestyle changes.
  • Those ready to make lifestyle change for their health and longevity.

Health Benefits:

  • Healthy weight and physique
  • More energy & vitality for life
  • Clearer, hydrated skin
  • Better restorative sleep
  • Mindfulness and feeling peace with life
  • Many more health improvements noticed by clients

 Other Offerings:

If  personal consultation is not what you’re looking for, see what other health options are available like group virtual health discussions, an in-person health talk for your group, a 30-min mini health consult, and Linda’s own natural skin care line.

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Wellness Testimonials:

From clients attending food/diet programs:

“Attending Linda’s class was one of the most impactful steps I’ve ever taken to improve my health” – Paul B, Nov 2015

“I just got my lab results. Compared to February, ALL my numbers are better.  Cholesterol, Triglycerides, blood glucose – everything is better.  My doctor said to keep doing what I’m doing.  Thank you for your part in it.”  -Rhoda

From clients attending plant-based luncheons and group classes:

“Linda’s Meatless Mondays are not only delicious but life changing. My husband has lost weight and reduced his blood pressure and cholesterol far below the recommended ranges. He feels so much better and his doctor is very impressed with the changes.”  – Debbie E.

“It has been my great pleasure to have participated in the majority of Linda’s ‘Meatless Mondays.’ My friends and family are very grateful too! I’ve made the Hearty Quinoa Cabbage Salad, Grilled Garlic Eggplant, Peanut Butter Treats and my family’s favorites: Southwest Sweet Potato Salad.  Thanks to Linda, I have had the courage to make more healthy choices for our household. I look forward to learning more and more from her!” -Shari Gackstatter

“Thanks for the wonderful ‘Meatless Monday’s.’ I attended several of them this year, as I began a journey to add more vegetables into my families’ diet. The lunches were wonderful, as they shared some prep ideas and then we all had an opportunity to feast on the wonderful food while enjoying the company of the other attendees. They gave me many recipes that I continue to use. I look forward to many more Inspirational Meatless Mondays.” – Jean Buckborough, www.newvisionhealing.com

From clients using Linda’s herbal remedies and coaching:

“For two years I tried to find ways to improve my digestion. I did colon cleanses and probiotics. I cut out foods and added foods. Nothing I did worked.  Since I started drinking the herbal tea blends Linda made for me I am 80% improved!!  If I go a few days without drinking them I can really notice the difference.  The herbs in the tea are definitely something my body needs. I am so happy to have a natural solution to my issues. Linda is wonderful and knowledgeable. I have recently added a vitamin enriched tea to my routine. I am happy to get rid of my pills. I highly recommend herbal therapy! Thank you Linda for all your help!”  – N. Lara, Arizona

“Linda Curry’s wealth of herbal wisdom, in addition to her excellent products, has been a treasured find.For easier sleeping, headaches, and muscles pain, to small cuts and burns, I use her natural products knowing I am getting fresh, pure ingredients which work AND save me money.” Morgonn Bryant, AZ

“I just really needed to share this with you and THANK YOU so much for your help! I had been eating Tums, like there is no tomorrow, because I am going through a divorce and maybe losing my home.  My stomach is doing crazy things and it is also hampering my sleep.  The digestive formula tea, you have suggested, is a life saver.  I no longer have to pop the Tums.  I just drink the tea 4 times a day, about 4 oz.  I am feeling much better and just want to encourage you to keep helping more people! You are the BEST! –  Joe Eragitano,  Chandler, AZ

“Maca root must come from the fountain of youth.  I am a male approaching 50 years of age consuming this for almost 2 months, and have already seen some nice (how about “amazing” or “surprising”) results regarding my sexual performance.  This has not happened for quite some time (how about since I was in my 20’s).   Most of all, it makes me feel young again.  Mentally, I feel like I’ve gotten back my zest for life.  This means the world to me!  The fact that Maca is all natural is a very nice bonus.”  – Bob M., Phoenix, AZ

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