9 Life Lessons from Cats

Pets offer much to the quality of our lives and can be the greatest teachers. My cat Gracie Mae reminds me daily how to appreciate and live life to the fullest… 

Nine Life Lessons from Cats:

  • Commune with nature and come inside for warmth and safety.
  • Live in the moment letting go of the past.
  • Speaking up and not worrying what others will think.
  • Naps are a priority and alone time is a must.
  • A little sun-time soothes the soul.
  • Expresses joy or fear at any moment in time without concern of who is watching.
  • Suspicious of noise, high winds and screaming kids, yet easily finding solace in a dark place. Escaping the chaos where no one can find you is essential.
  • Answers to no one and gets others to serve their needs. Returns the favors with affectionate love.
  • Rises with the sun and feels obligated to gently wake the household to start the day.

My greatest teacher is right under my nose living moment to moment without agenda responding to the ebbs and flows of daily life.

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