Linda J Curry, Author, Teacher, Speaker

Health educator, author, and speaker, Linda Curry, facilitates, “Attaining health one bite at a time,through simplifying health and growth strategies with wisdom, compassion, acceptance and practicality. Linda offers customized health consultations, coaching, and speaking engagements. Contact Linda for more information.


Linda has appeared on television, is a best-selling, published author four times, and instructed at the Botanical Gardens as well as numerous other workshops, classes, and health talks.

Current Signature Talks

  • Feeling Alive and Vibrant for Today and Beyond: Learn how to maximize the quality of your sleep, keep a flexible body & mind, AND mimick the top secrets of healthy Centenarians.
  • Attaining Health One Bite at a Time: Learn some common-sense food protocols for lifelong health and vitality without depriving yourself.
  • Blood Sugar Hacks: Learn some hacks to maximize your metabolic health, keep blood sugar in check, while still enjoying the occassional carb or treat.

After escaping corporate America, struggling with her health, and persevering, Linda dove head first into many healing modalities including herbalism, nutrition, and whole-food culinary arts where she established True Balance Wellness, in 2008. Linda has appeared on television, authored numerous books and articles, presented to groups, businesses, and organizations, and instructed at the Phoenix Botanical Gardens. Read more about Linda’s journey.