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Spring Allergies

Do you suffer from pollen allergies? Is it an option not to suffer? I have to say a resounding yes! You do have options. And it starts with building a healthy foundation. Then, when you are hit with stressors like pollen, your body can simply handle it.

My Neighbor’s Story

A neighbor and I were hiking recently and she was perplexed that she wasn’t having allergies this season. It immediately became obvious to me why: She dropped 80 pounds, she’s exercising, and stopped eating sugar, alcohol, and caffeine. Her body was simply healthier compared to last year. She had a healthier foundation when allergy season arrived. The healthier you are, the easier time your body will have with pollen among other disturbances. In other words, when your immune system is not fighting a bunch of other ailments, it can handle things like pollen or pollutants. 

My Personal Journey

Personally, when I stopped eating gluten many years ago, my allergy symptoms dropped significantly. Gluten was deemed a sensitivity, and 15 years later, I still steer clear of it. Although gluten and pollen are not related, they both affected my body and immune system. Figuring out what was causing a toll on my immune system helped to clean things up. Because I cannot control Mother Nature, I chose to tackle the food intolerances. My friend in the example above really stepped things up in her diet and keeps a strict regimen that works for her. For me, I do what I can to remove the major stressors to my body and practice a generally healthy diet.

And when I fail to get a good night sleep, symptoms can flair up. Sleep deprivation is a major culprit in immune function. This is why I prioritize sleep more than anything else in my health regimen. In addition, exercise is not optional unless I am taking a day of rest which is allowed and self-encouraged (without guilt). I am well aware that over-exercising can act as a stressor on our bodies. Today, I hike weekly with neighbors, lift weights at a gym twice weekly, and do some qi gong, walking, and yoga on the other days. This routine keeps things interesting and works for me.

What to Do

When I saw others suffering during this allergy season, I realized the impact my healthy choices have made. My advice is to take a good hard look at your daily routine and find potential culprits affecting your health. Here are some tips to build a healthier foundation for greater ease with seasonal allergies:

  1. Consider a colon/liver cleanse prior allergy season for a reset (Spring cleaning)
  2. Ensure regular exercise to keep your lymph system moving among other amazing benefits of exercise.
  3. Limit sugar, caffeine, alcohol and processed foods in general
  4. Prioritize sleep and ensure extra rest when your body asks for it.
  5. Deal with stress in a healthy manner. Daily mindfulness activities are super helpful.
  6. Try a humidifier in your bedroom (especially in dry desert climate)
  7. Consider herbal remedies/teas. My husband has found that making a Nettle, Mormon Tea infusion daily helps control his symptoms. Mormon Tea (found in desert areas) may be helpful for those with Arizona pollen allergies. Medicine grows here to help those that live here. You may have a plant in your own area.
  8. Eliminate any potential food culprits (something you eat almost daily especially high allergen foods like gluten/wheat, nuts, dairy) and see how you feel after 10 days. You may consider researching a food elimination protocol if this is something you care to look at further.

Linda is passionate about educating the importance of food and utilizing nature in a positive manner, for your overall health bringing empowerment and vitality to those willing to learn. Linda’s motto, “Attaining health one bite at a time,” is achieved through simplifying health strategies. Ask about personal plant-strong cooking instruction and health consultations.

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