Are Your Raw Almonds Really Raw?

In your grocery store, “raw” doesn’t mean unpasteurized. In the U.S., almonds have to be pasteurized if sold to stores in the U.S. Unless… you buy online from other countries or directly fromĀ U.S. farms that will sell them before pasteurization. Unpasteurized, raw, and organicĀ is important if you want to maintain the nutrients of your nuts.
If interested, skip the shipping cost on organic, raw, unpasteurized almonds from Spain. I buy bulk and pass savings onto you! It’s that simple. Shipment just in. Make appointment for pickup:
  • raw organic 1lb $15
  • raw organic 2lb $28
  • raw organic 4lb $55
  • sprouted raw organic 1lb $20*

*already soaked, sprouted, and dehydrated – ready for storage or eating. Great for making almond milk, almond butter, and snacking.

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