Bliss-Out Your Digestion

I sit and gaze deeply at the beautiful array of color on my plate as I hear the wind chime dancing outside. I feel intense honor and appreciation for the gifts nature provided from my own backyard. From seed to plate in just months. I move my fork around to blend the flavor I added to the vegetables. As I take my first bite my eyes gently close as the food enters my mouth. Chewing slowly my taste buds begin to awaken and can distinguish between sweet, bitter, sour, salty and fat blending together in my mouth. I take a deep inhale and exhale with a verbal “mmmmmmm.” The verbal appreciation allows my body to express the joy and gratitude that I truly feel. I can gracefully express my Truth whenever I feel joy, sadness, gratitude, anger or pleasure. Verbal and non-verbal expression of my emotions is transforming not only my digestion but spills into the rest of my life as I sense the inner bliss inside.

Through my journey and vision of achieving optimal health, I have found that being present and mindful while eating with an ounce of gratitude allows our body the best chance of breaking down our food for optimal nutrition absorption and digestion. When we bring our whole body and senses into the space where our food resides, the gratitude in our heart spills out and allows our body to relax and accept the food we are giving it.

When we eat while stressed or preoccupied with electronics, our digestion is at rest and isn’t ready to do its magic. In fact, when stress is present our body is in fight or flight mode which literally shuts down digestion to preserve energy for fighting or fleeing. Chronic stress keeps our body in this state preventing proper digestion and nutrient absorption. Your health does not depend on the food you eat, but rather on the nutrition you absorb. When in an optimal environment, your organs know exactly what to do with the food and nutrients you provide for it. Whatever ends up on your plate today, be present and mindful and feel your inner bliss.

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