Candida and Diet

Fermented foods and probiotics bring healthy bacteria into your gut to balance the unhealthy bacteria. Yeast is evident in our intestines and although we may not get rid of it 100%, it is important to balance it with good bacteria. If the bad bacteria overrides the good bacteria you may experience yeast overgrowth and if extreme, candida. It could be evident with reoccurring yeast infections, itchy skin or eczema, brain fog, nail fungus, autoimmune issues, anxiety, fatigue, digestive issues and more. The abundance of refined and sugary foods often is the culprit of this but some experts are finding other reasons for yeast overgrowth that may surprise you.

Some experts are linking candida with the combination of sugar AND fat. Sugar is supposed to move from your blood into your cells giving energy but when we eat sugar and fat together, the fat keeps the sugar in the blood stream. It is often recommended to always eat fruit alone without any food containing fats.

Another surprise to yeast overgrowth is that an abundance of fermented foods like sauerkraut, kefir, yogurt, kim chee, miso, etc. could aggravate your symptoms if you indeed have candida. Even though the fermented foods should add good bacteria, your system could see it as food for the yeast.

Here is a list of possible lifestyle contributors to yeast and candida:

• Diet high in refined carbohydrates and sugar

• Excessive alcohol consumption

• Oral contraceptives

• Fermented foods

• Stress

• Antibiotics (including those put into the animals you eat)

I hope you found this information helpful. Please comment if you have experience with combating candida or yeast overgrowth.

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