Celebrate You

Celebrate You

I have my mojo back after finally getting a good night sleep without the voice yacking at me. I feel spiritually whole again. The voice got so tired of talking that it collapsed into the night as I laid lifeless on my pillow beneath me. Or perhaps it was the observer that got exhausted by all the drama it heard. No matter the case, I am now open for celebration. I celebrate me that I can accept my human flaws and that I never stopped believing that I would come out of the funk better than ever. I now realize that no person, no matter how critical, can overtake my inner bliss. As I floundered to shake the daggers off as they came toward me, I never lost sight of who I am and why I came here.

It is my life purpose, my job here, that keeps me digging deeper into the well of courage and bravery. This vision continues to keep me moving toward greatness that no one can take. I continue to yield as I see the gifts lying in front of me – the gifts that will catapult me toward those waiting for me to deliver it to them.

Today I feel ever grateful for the gift that Life is and the lessons we get to learn every day. I pause and give thanks to my spirit tribe that helped me when I felt alone and scared. I am reassured of their love as I close my eyes and feel a powerful surge of love enter my body. The essence inside of me bursts into light like a flower blooming after a long winter. Inner nirvana is present once again.

Pebbles of Gold

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