Super Simple Chilled Veg Blender Soup Recipe

With the heat upon us (a little more so for us in Arizona…), it’s time to put the oven in hibernation and call upon the blender.  I bet you didn’t realize how easy it is to make super simple, delicious, ultra-healthy cuisine in your blender and keep you cool all at the same time. One of my favs is this chilled, refreshing blender soup.

Place all ingredients into blender
Place all ingredients into blender
Chilled Veg Blender Soup
Chilled Veg Blender Soup

Chilled Summer Blender Soup

Add all ingredients to blender and pulse to desired consistency.

  • Liquid:1-2 cups cold water
  • Fat: 2 t olive oil, ¼ C tahini
  • Veggies:2 ribs celery, 1 red pepper, 1 tomato, ½ cucumber, ¼ c onion
  • Herbs/Spice: ¼ cup cilantro,1 clove garlic, 2 T lemon, small jalapeno (seeded)
  • Salt: 1 t sea salt, ¼ t miso paste
  • Sweet: 1 apple
  • Garnish:1 avocado and/or pumpkin seeds

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Linda J. Curry is an author, speaker and teacher in the areas of spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. After escaping corporate America, struggling with health challenges and persevering, Linda dove head first into many healing modalities including herbalism, and plant-based culinary arts where she established True Balance Wellness, LLC in 2008. Linda has appeared on television, authored numerous books and articles, and worked as a raw food chef at an alternative cancer center. Linda’s motto, “Attaining health one bite at a time,” is achieved through simplifying health and growth strategies through wisdom, compassion and acceptance. Linda is passionate about helping others cultivate a balanced path to wellness through books, speaking engagements, classes, consultations, and is pleased to offer her very own handcrafted skincare solutions.

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  1. Frieda G.
    May 9, 2017

    Are you certain that two stalks of celery are needed in this recipe? I would think that two ribs would be ample in proportion to the rest of the ingredients. The difference between a rib and a stalk is that the stalk is the entire bunch of celery and the rib is the individual piece of celery. Many ribs comprise the stalk.

    1. January 22, 2018

      Frieda, so sorry for the error. You are correct!

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