12/21/12 was a point in time that started a great acceleration of consciousness in the universe.  What will you do in 2013 to make sure you are fully prepared and ready to be a part of this movement toward greater peace, aliveness, and joy?

If you are feeling challenged by work, home life, or your health for instance, it may be time to stop the resistance to it and allow life to unfold around you with grace.  So many times we try to control things outside of ourselves and it only causes the opposite force to push back on us.  We simply cannot change these things no matter how hard we try.

Accepting things around you exactly as they are can bring peace of mind.  But we may also not want certain vibrations to exist in our space any longer.  This is where choices come in.  We cannot change things outside ourselves, but we can make different choices.

In 2013, I invite you to gently make different choices where you feel challenged.  Choose to walk away from a negative environment, choose to take a different route to work, choose to let go of trying to please another or choose to be joyful instead of sad.  It is time to focus on bringing more joy and peace to our lives by letting go and making new choices.  I am looking forward to flowing with life and observing how my surroundings change with this new vibration.

What are you doing in 2013?

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