Climate Change

2019 Climate Strike Taos, NM
2019 Climate Strike Taos, NM

When traveling through Tao’s New Mexico with a friend this summer, we got a renewed sense of urgency for Climate Change and had fun too. It’s unfortunate that school kids have to wake us up to the urgency we now face to turn things around. I can’t think of anything more important. Please join me in taking steps to accelerate change.


Carbon Dioxide levels have risen 45% and methane 200% since the Industrial Revolution.

The main goal of reversing climate change is to limit the use of fossil fuels such as oil, carbon, natural gas, and replace them with renewable sources of energy. 87% of energy today comes from fossil fuels. Scientists are urging the world to cut C02 emissions by 45% in the next decade. If we don’t, Mother Earth may be to the point of no return.

Just like other technological advances, moving away from fossil fuels can be done and it MUST be done. Some say that renewable sources of energy like solar, geothermal, bioenergy, hydropower, and onshore wind will be on par or cheaper than fossil fuels by 2020!

If We Do Nothing to stop Global Warming

  • Heat Waves and crop-killing droughts will be more frequent and devastating.
  • Faster melting glaciers creating challenges in valleys below
  • Polar ice sheets melting will accelerate, raising sea levels and greatly increasing flooding among other issues.*
  • More Arctic permafrost will thaw, releasing more greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

*Even 2 degrees C warming can greatly affect heat waves, droughts, flooding, extinctions as well as the ability to grow food and control the spread of diseases. Crop Yields in CA, as one example, could decrease by 40% by the year 2050 from increasing temperatures.

Easy Steps you can do to Impact Climate Change

  • Waste less food (compost, feed to animals, eat up food)
  • Buy sustainably raised meats, poultry, dairy (and eat less of) – grain-fed cattle produce much more methane
  • Convert part of your yard to an organic garden and share with neighbors
  • Convert to energy-saving LED bulbs
  • Purchase only energy-star appliances
  • Turn thermostat up or down 2 degrees. It’s healthy to adjust to the climate and you will save money and the earth!
  • Turn off lights. Use natural lighting where possible.
  • Unplug what isn’t being used.
  • Use a clothesline
  • Wash clothes in cold water (studies show clothes are just as clean)
  • Landscape with drought-tolerant local plants. Remove grass.
  • Water harvesting is easy with gutters
  • Drive and fly less (use bikes, setup a carpool, shop for your neighbors – get creative, set an example)
  • Buy local – farmers markets
  • Eat whole foods (less processing, less packaging)
  • Use local businesses vs. national chains
  • buy organic – fertilizers use byproducts of oil refining
  • Use natural methods of weed killer (vinegar) and bug control (essential oils) and cleaning products (vinegar, baking soda, essential oils). Products like Roundup are terrible for the earth and your health.

Bigger Steps To Positively Impact Climate Change

  • Revamp subsidy system for energy and food to lean less on fossil fuels and more incentives for farming, deforestation and waste management
  • Phase out refrigerants (HFCs) (some states have started this effort)
  • Avoid investing in stocks in fossil fuels (ask your financial planner)
  • Leave your bank that may invest in fossil fuel expansion (big hitters: Chase, Wells Fargo, BofA, Citibank) and find one that doesn’t
  • Ask utility company about buying renewable power (most give this option for a few more bucks a month)
  • Go Solar
  • Implement grey water (washer, shower) – stop sending usable water into the sewer!

Please share other tips to conserve energy, water, and moving toward renewable energy sources in the comments below.

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