Daily Commitments

Join me in daily commitments to stay balanced and present during the holiday season. My objective is to make healthy choices yet still enjoy some holiday treats along the way. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but these daily commitments will keep me grounded in a healthy way. Use my ideas or make your own commitments.

Commitment No. 1

Commit to at least 20 minutes of daily movement. For me, I like a variety of activities. Three days per week I plan to go to the gym with my mom and work on strength training. One day a week I hike with my neighbors. Another day I do a Qi Gong guided video in my living room. And the remaining two days I usually will use my exercise bands and take a walk with my husband. It gives me variety and flexibility as I can easily switch things up. And if I’m not feeling well, I still commit to movement by pulling my yoga mat out and doing some light stretching.

If exercise commitments have been a struggle for you, read more on how to make healthy habits stick.

Commitment No. 2

I am making a commitment to a salad a day. My salads are typically loaded with chopped fresh veggies, fresh sprouts, seeds, olives, and avocado. Normally, this happens for lunch but if that fails, I can always add a salad at dinnertime.

Other ideas are starting your day with a smoothie loaded with superfoods, berries, and greens. Or perhaps you choose to avoid fast food. Or maybe cooking meals five days a week is a good goal. Whatever you choose, make sure it is realistic and moves you forward on your health journey.

Commitment No. 3

My last commitment has to do with mindfulness. Normally I might choose a daily meditation or writing, however this year I want to be mindful during meals and snacks. I tend to be a fast eater and I really want to appreciate what I’ve prepared so thoughtfully. So whether I am sitting in front of a healthy salad or a piece of pumpkin pie, I want to enjoy and appreciate every morsel.

Balanced and Healthy

I have the intention to stay balanced and healthy throughout the holiday season and beyond. If something isn’t working, I have the power to make tweaks that make more sense. For now, this is my commitment. Will you join me? What will that look like? Inspire me. I would love to read your comments. My best to you, Linda

Linda Curry
Linda is passionate about educating the importance of food and utilizing nature in a positive manner, for your overall health bringing empowerment and vitality to those willing to learn. Linda’s motto, “Attaining health one bite at a time,” is achieved through simplifying health strategies. Ask about personal plant-strong cooking instruction and health consultations.

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