Eating Healthy on a Budget

Many people often think it is difficult to eat healthy on a budget. I disagree.  If you are committed to moving toward a whole plant strong diet, you will find that what you are eliminating is really saving you money.  Processed foods (crackers, breads, cookies, snack foods, chips, etc.), meat, cheese, and dairy are expensive items to buy.  They don’t sustain you and you’ll find your body continues to crave food until you nourish it with “real” food.

As you take steps toward a plant strong diet, a good farmers market will give you organically grown produce. It may not necessarily be “certified organic” but if you ask them, they will tell you if they grow their food organically.  A weekly trip to the farmers market may run around $30.  Then you can get some essentials in bulk such as brown rice, quinoa, lentils, nuts, seeds, etc.  That will save your pocket book and nourish your tummy.

Finally, start to grow one plant if you are new to gardening.  This will move your spirit toward a greater appreciation of the plant foods and keep you away from the processed foods.  Happy eating my friends…

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