EMF’s – Concerns and Solutions

Personal Experience with EMF’s

I happen to be sensitive to EMF’s (electromagnetic fields i.e. cellular, wi-fi, Bluetooth) as I can feel the effects of the exposure. It’s one of the reasons I left the corporate environment 12 years ago as I felt head pain and energy chaos in my body every afternoon only to get home and plop down on the bed for an hour to re-ground my energy. The hundred or so cubicles surrounding me all connected via wi-fi was difficult for my energy in addition to the fluorescent lighting above (all speculative of course). It was debilitating and something I pay attention to today.

Now working from home, I have hard wired my desktop computer to eliminate unnecessary wi-fi and turn my cell phone on airplane mode at night. I never carry my phone on my body. It’s either in my purse or sitting at least 4 feet from me. I am cautious every time my husband talks about making our home “smarter.” It’s difficult to quantify but my body feels more grounded and well by taking these steps.

Recently one of my loved ones had physical pain and mobility issues in their arm and shoulder for about a year’s time. It was discovered that the Fitbit (charge2) worn religiously 24/7 was causing this pain (obvious after just one night without it). This type of Fitbit monitors heart rate in addition to sleep, movement, etc. It is constantly monitoring the body as long as it is connected. Just because something is available to us and many people use them, doesn’t necessarily make them safe.

EMF Human Experiment

Are we involved in a human experiment with EMF’s? Sounds like a conspiracy theory. But according to Nick “The EMF Guy” Pineault (author The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMF’s), leading EMF scientists admit EMF’s should be classified as a Class 1 carcinogen (most are currently at a class 2B). Many functional medical doctors have observed EMF’s to be a major cause of mystery symptoms like insomnia, fatigue, depression, anxiety, memory loss, migraines/headaches, and digestive issues. And this is from current 2G to 4G technologies.

Mr. Pineault says that the up and coming 5G (5th generation) networks is the latest technology being rolled out as we speak with no biological studies to prove they are safe. 5G installation could consist of tens of millions of new “small cell” antennas just in the US alone. Several major European cities have stopped installing until more testing is conducted. And children are at more risk than adults as they absorb twice the radiation. wow!

EMF Solutions

I’m not sure we can completely get away from all EMF’s nor does it make sense to do so. But there are things you can do to reduce your exposure. In fact, “The EMF Guy” suggests doing a 5-day cell phone EMF Challenge just to see how you feel. This includes:

  • Put phone in airplane mode at night with wi-fi and Bluetooth turned off
  • Use speaker or wired ear bugs whenever talking on phone
  • When carrying phone on your body, use airplane mode.

I would add to that list turning off your wi-fi router (unplug it) before bed. And try not to work a full day in the same room as the router. In addition, there are radiation eliminator devices you can put directly on your phone to reduce radiation exposure up to 70%. One such items is the R2L (radiation to light) device that only costs $29.99. With cell phone radiation linked to cancer, that seems like a great investment! I am told the Apple phones are one of the top rdiation producers for cell phones today. In addition, be sure to get out in nature away from EMF’s whenever possible. Nature’s energy can counteract these EMF fields.

This topic is highly controversial as was smoking back in the day. Until more testing is conducted, I suggest experimenting with the 5-day cleanse (and implementing the steps long-term). Begin to pay attention to when and where you feel “different.” And please be mindful of your children’s exposure.

Please comment on your experiences and thoughts. To your best life,  Linda

Source: http://media.electrosmogrx.com/how-emfs-impact-your-health.pdf

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