Are you concerned about electromagnetic fields & radiation from all the electronic devices and Wi-Fi in your home and near your home? Some people are more sensitive to EMF’s and can actually feel unhealthy energy shifts when near Wi-Fi and computer activity. More research is needed to evaluate long-term health effects. For electro-sensitive folks (which is a medical diagnosis), it is clear that our immune systems have to work hard during rest to recover our bodies from the effects. I prefer that my immune system is available to heal other areas of my body. Whether or not you are sensitive, you may want to follow these tips to reduce the effects on your health:

• If you have a Wi-Fi router in your home, move it to an area away from you and unplug it when not in use.
• Don’t keep your cell phones on your body and keep at least 3 feet from your head during sleep
• Keep a cactus in your office by your computer (NASA has found this to reduce EMF’s)
• A salt crystal lamp can also cut down on EMF’s
• For laptops, run on battery when using
• Keep the “black box” connected to your computer cord as far from you as possible. Floor is better than on top of desk.
• Hard wire keyboard, mouse and computer (instead of using wifi) when possible.
• There are products for help reduce EMF’s during sleep, for keyboard screens, grounding devices for your home and more.

Please share and tips you may have.

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