Genetically modifying our food

Grass is green, and we like it that way.”  Genetically modifying nature is a risky business for our health.  But for one company, Monsanto, it is making them very wealthy and powerful.

If you haven’t heard the term GMO crops, basically Monsanto Co. has genetically modified seeds for growing certain crops (wheat, corn, soy, alfalfa, canola, and the list is growing) and sells these seeds to farmers which are bug-resistant and weed tolerant.  In time, the crops require more and more herbicides (which makes Monsanto more money) and our food less and less healthy.  These farmers become dependent on Monsanto and his technology.  The health effects from the herbicides are serious, but the health effects from the genetically modified food, are a much bigger long-term issue.  This also includes beef which is fed, not grass, but GMO corn and possibly GMO alfalfa (come June if Monsanto wins a Supreme Court case).

Scientists are starting to realize how devastating this may be to the earth and to the health of humans and animals.  Health issues may include food sensitivities to even organ failure (studies done in rats).  Unfortunately, even more serious consequences may be passed onto future generations and may not immediately be seen. Eating something that is genetically modified from what Mother Nature created is a risky business.  We poison the earth and the earth will send the same back to us in return.

Moving to organic, non-GMO produce is an option, however, the GMO crops are pollinating the neighborhood organic farms with the wind.  And lawyers for Monsanto swoop down to sue them for using their technology. Monsanto is determined to own all the food grown in the world and will continue until he is stopped.  And Monsanto won’t stop there.  He has patents pending to basically own the pig (yes the animal and all breeding of it – yikes). source

Agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack, a former governor of Iowa said he recognizes that change is needed.  The USDA is developing regulation for GM crops but the process has dragged out now for more than six years due to heavy lobbying from corporate interests and consumer and environmental groups (money talks).  So far, “14 million farmers in 25 countries planted biotech crops on 330 million acres in 2009.”   source

If you care about this cause, you can support The Center for Food Safety who has recently taken up Monsanto in the Supreme Court for selling modified alfalfa for feeding cattle.   Another resource to learn more is to see the dvd Food Inc.  This will open your eyes to the devastation happening.  Together, we can make change happen by supporting causes and educating ourselves.  Unfortunately money talks and our government may not force change in this area.  The people need to step up and say no more!

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