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Has your gut been telling you to listen to all the talk about beneficial bacteria?  Over 70% of people have yeast overgrowth (bad bacteria) in their gut causing all kinds of havoc on our health.  So what to do?  Food with beneficial bacteria can eventually get the “bad guys” in the gut under control.  Most know that yogurt has beneficial bacteria for gut health.  But did you know that there are lots of other foods you can enjoy to get the “good guys” back on the offense?

Here are some beneficial foods for gut health to consider:

  • Yogurt – has live cultures added (good bacteria).  With store-bought yogurt, it is not clear if the pasteurization process has killed all the bacteria. If the live cultures are added after pasteurization, it is okay.  But processing methods are not noted on containers.
  • Kefir – has live cultures added for beneficial bacteria plus beneficial yeast.  Kefir is not supposed to be pasteurized (a good thing for keeping those good bugs alive).  I still prefer to make my own as I am unsure of the manufacturing procedures.

Note: For those avoiding dairy, yogurt and kefir can be made from coconut.  Yogurt uses the coconut meat and kefir uses the coconut water.  A starter will be required until you have your first batch.

  • Sauerkraut – fermentation is achieved by massaging the cabbage with salt and lemon.  This is considered predigested food for easy assimilation of nutrients. A spoonful goes a long way on top of soup, salad or warm dishes.
  • Kim Chee – a spicier version of sauerkraut with other veggies added.
  • Cultured Vegetables – You can get creative with all types of vegetables for different nutrition in your fermented foods. Often a brine is made as other vegetables may not break down as easily as cabbage.
  • Miso paste – made by fermenting soybeans.  Also beneficial for heart health.  You only need a little bit.  Add to salad dressing, soup or sauces.  Note: will add sodium to your dish.  Can also use 1 T of miso added to your brine when making cultured vegetables to add to the bacteria content.
  • Kombucha – a drink made with green or black tea, cane sugar and the bacteria starter which you can get from anyone currently making kombucha.  The bacteria eats the sugar and caffeine.  Fermentation lasts anywhere from 1-5 weeks. Bottle it, add a splash of juice for taste and enjoy.  Has a bit of a vinegar (acquired) taste.

It is beneficial to vary where you are getting the “good guys” from for great gut health.  Change it up and starve that yeast overgrowth right out of your system.  If you can also cut back on the processed breads, crackers, pasta and sugary foods you will surely win that fight.  Don’t be fooled if you crave carbs and sugars.  The yeast is what is craving it, not you.  Tell that yeast who is now in control of things in there.

To your amazing health journey…..

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