In an economy where you or your neighbors may be losing their jobs, it is hard to think that our society is moving toward a better place. But that is exactly what I think is happening. It is time for faith and trusting that our world is shifting for the better for all humanity and Mother Earth.

In the past, we have learned that eating out and shopping was a sign of financial health and prosperity. As we are forced to hold off on excessive spending, this can be difficult for some people. Not because they forgot how to prepare food, but because the ego identified with these material things and status as a part of who we were. These things do not define who we are. As the media tries to get people to spend in an attempt to boost the economy, I say, stop. Stop and listen to the gifts this economy has given us. It is time to reconnect with our neighbors. Time to appreciate growing some vegetables and preparing them for our families. Time to head to the farmers market and support our local farms. Time to connect with Mother Earth in our own backyards or spend time in the mountains or at the lake. This is where we find our true essence and who we are.

This economy is a way for us to disconnect from the material things, and reconnect with people, animals, and nature with our heart in the driver seat. Get back to being more self-sufficient and stop the waste we were so used to. Mother Nature is pleading for us to do so.

We still live in a society that requires us a spend money on certain items to keep our lives running smoothly. But it doesn’t mean we cannot find balance and make sure that we are learning from this cycle and coming back to our core. As challenges may arise in your life, keep trusting that the world is cleansing and bringing us back to peace and love. Live with less “stuff” and live with more love. As one door closes, make sure your awareness sees the next door opening.

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