As we are forced to hold off on excessive spending this holiday season, it can be difficult, but it can also bring us closer to our loved ones.  Instead of buying gifts this holiday season, consider starting with the gifts within and share them with your loved ones.

In the past, we have learned that eating out and shopping was a sign of financial health and prosperity.  Today it is a sign of greed and waste.  Without the material things, we just have each other.  This “terrible” economy has actually given us a gift to cherish.  It is a way for us to disconnect from the material things, and reconnect with people, animals, and nature.  Without the attachment of material items, we find our true essence and true happiness.

This holiday season you may consider asking friends and family to skip the gift this year as a way to be cost conscious, but also more compassionate about our earth.  Decide that spending time together is most important and skip the gift giving.  Or, perhaps you make a rule that all holiday gifts must be home-made or come from recycled items (yard sales,, etc.).   Instead of showing up with cookies this year, consider enjoying the process of making the cookies with the whole family.

Live with less “stuff” and live with more love.

The future belongs to those who understand that doing more with less is compassionate, prosperous, and enduring, and thus more intelligent, even competitive.”  – Paul Hawken

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