It is far too common today to know someone that has had or has breast cancer. In addition to your regular doctor care, there are natural things we can do at home to improve our breast health.

Our breasts have blood and lymph fluid which is important in maintaining healthy breast tissue. However, restricting bras may constrict the proper draining of the lymph system. This can cause toxins to sit around in our breast tissue.

What can you do? First, reduce the toxins we put into our bodies. Specifically, near the breast tissue, deodorant with chemicals may add to the toxin buildup. Consider this: You open your pores in the shower, shave your armpits, and then apply chemicals to your armpits. This routine may be adding toxins into your blood stream. Natural deodorant is a good change.

Second is self breast massage. I know, we are taught to not touch ourselves in this manner. Get over it! Along with the breast self exam, add in a breast massage to ensure your lymph system is moving properly through the breast tissue. Don’t forget the lymph nodes from the armpit to the breast. Familiarity will also aid in noticing if anything is different. Special note: if you look for lumps, your body may create a lump for you to find. Instead, simply get to know your breasts well and be aware of any changes. And please be careful when massaging. Breast tissue is fragile.

A new report shows that women that have a high risk of breast cancer in their family AND breast feed their children, will reduce their risk of getting breast cancer by 59%! I believe that the movement created by breast feeding is one aspect allowing the proper flow our breast tissue needs to stay healthy.

In addition to your regular trips to the gynecologist and your monthly self exams, reducing the toxins to our lymph system and moving the toxins out of the breast tissue through regular self massage may add to your breast health.

Please note that I am not a physician and you should consult with your doctor on any changes to your health routine or concerns with breast abnormalities.

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