New Year’s resolutions usually focus around losing weight, getting in shape, and being healthy.  Did you ever think that cleaning out your garage or closet could help with this goal?  Feng Shui followers seem to think so.

To make room for new exciting things to come into your life in 2010, clear out some old stuff and make room for what you desire.  Many believe that our physical world represents our internal health and happiness.  In other words, cleaning up our surroundings may clean up our internal health at the same time.

Is there a place in your home, car or office that nags at you to clean it up?  If so, this may be the perfect place to start.  After de-cluttering and nurturing this space, you may notice more energy, a lighter feeling, or perhaps your agonizing constipation has suddenly started moving out so-to-speak.

Feng Shui experts can tell you specifically where to focus in your home for what may ail you.  As one example, the southwest corner of the home will represent your love and romance area (although some use directions based on walking in the front entrance).  If love and romance is an area you care to work on in your life, it may be a good room to de-clutter, and nurture with loving art, flowers, etc.  Bringing pink and red into this room representing love and passion may be a good idea as well.   For more information on Feng Shui and mapping your home, see local Feng Shui expert Lori Severson

Clear out the old and bring in all the health and happiness that you desire in the New Year.

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