In the last newsletter, we discussed Bountiful Baskets as a way to receive quality, good produce at low prices.  Many people have been very satisfied and enjoy getting their healthy produce each week.  I love having a goal of eating all my produce before the next pickup.  It definitely promotes healthy eating (and sharing).

I would like to highlight another option.  A CSA is Community Supported Agriculture in which you support a local farm.  Basically, you pay for a season (6-12wks) and each week you pick up your produce at a designated location (or you can pay for delivery in some cases).  CSA’s connect local farmers with local consumers, helps the local economy, supports a sense of community, and reduces greenhouse gases from transporting produce.  Consuming local produce tends to be more nutritious because it is picked fresh (little travel time), and does not require spraying the produce with chemicals to protect color and appearance (as in grocery store produce).  Many CSA’s use organic farming methods as well.

To check it out, go to , check the CSA box and type your zip code in.   I had a CSA farm come highly recommended to me called Desert Roots Farm in Queen Creek, AZ.  I will be trying the Fall harvest for 12wks starting Oct10th and will let you know how it goes.  Their website is:

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