As more facts are revealed about the doom and gloom regarding global warming, it begs the question, can we do anything individually?  As the human race continues to harm our earth, disease will continue to rise as the quality of our food, water and air decreases.  But there are steps we can all take to reverse this trend.

Up until now, decisions about our earth and our health have been based largely on economics with big industries and government in the driver’s seat.  Perhaps the global warming summit in Copenhagen will give a wake-up call to our leaders.  In the meantime, what can individuals do, if anything, to stop the downward spiral?  Educating yourself and making common sense, ethically sound-based decisions, will improve your health and our beautiful planet.

One example where individuals can make a difference is eating less meat (as crazy as that sounds).  Paul McCartney started “Meat Free Monday” [] to put awareness onto the health ramifications as well as the impact raising animals for food puts on our planet.

Another source raising awareness to animal consumption and the impact to our earth is “Eating” dvd found at  According to “Eating”, significant health benefits of eating a plant-based diet may include lowering cholesterol, weight loss, lowering estrogen levels in women, and lowering chances of recurring cancer to name a few.  Besides the health benefits, here are some interesting environmental benefits achieved from eating less meat according to “Eating” dvd:

  • We will save forests as they are rapidly being cleared to raise more cattle
  • We will greatly reduce methane as raising animals for food is the #1 source of methane
  • We will conserve water as 50% of our water supply is used for animals and crops grown for feeding animals
  • We will reduce environmental pollutants from animal waste which is 130 times more waste than people
  • We will halt the decrease in the fish population as livestock is fed half the fish caught today


Taking positive steps and sharing information with one another will help preserve our beautiful planet and improve the quality of our food, air and water which greatly impacts our health. Remember, they won’t make what we won’t buy.  Be conscious of what you are buying at the store and putting in the mouths of your family.

A powerful message about our earth and the inspiration for this article is beautifully portrayed in this video put together by an Indigenous Native American Prophecy 0:00 – 1:22 Red Crow at

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