Did you know that garlic helps with: Immune health, infections, cholesterol, heart disease, fungus, bronchitis, colds, flu, urinary infections, tonsillitis, acne, sinus infections, candida, herpes, and cancer prevention?

Garlic is a very powerful herb and is very effective. As with other food, if we cook it, we lose a lot of the nutrition and healing qualities. When cooking with garlic, add to food during last few minutes of cooking.

Here is an easy way to get raw garlic into your life:

1. Cut up garlic cloves and put in mason jar
2. Fill mason jar with extra virgin olive oil

3. Let sit for 2-4 wks.

4. Enjoy the olive oil for use in salad dressing or raw food preparations

5. Enjoy the garlic cloves as well.

Here are some tips I’ve learned from my teacher Kathy using the infused oil for other medicinal purposes:

– Warm a couple drops of the oil and put in ears 3x/day for ear infections

– Take internally for parasites

– Take internally or rub externally over lung area for asthma and bronchial infections

– Rub on joints for arthritis or athletic injury

– Rub on cold feet to improve circulation

Note: I am not a medical doctor.  Please consult with your doctor on treating health conditions.


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