Maca Root is an amazing herb from Peru and could be considered by some as natures Viagra (yes, men notice results in about a month). But this herb does not work like Viagra. It actually works on your overall body systems improving mental acuity, physical vitality, endurance, and stamina. And yes, it enhances sexual desire and performance in both men and women. Maca root is a very nutritious plant and fuels the body very well. It’s safe, and simply put, it works!

I put a heaping tablespoon of the powdered herb in my smoothie every morning. You can mix into juice or water, or sprinkle on yogurt or oatmeal. I feel that Maca keeps my body healthy, my energy level up, and my spirit strong. I won’t go without it.

Maca root can be seen in health stores in a pill form and can be quite pricey for the small dosage. True Balance Wellness offers the quality herb in bulk powdered form that runs less than $20 for 8oz. E-mail or call for more information: 480-510-8274

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