Do you ever feel that holding your thoughts and feelings inside of you is easier than sharing them?  You may feel differently if you knew that it could contribute to disease and suffering.  Consider adding to your list of resolutions this upcoming year to speak your truth and gain back your health.  Allowing the heart to speak and release feelings, emotions, and thoughts is not only the best gift you can give yourself, it is essential to sustaining good health.

The book, The Great Shift reminds us to speak our truth and emphasizes that it is essential for our health.  So many times, especially women, keep their thoughts to themselves in order to save someone else’s feelings.  Perhaps your partner had a stressful day at work and you don’t want to rock the boat.  Sometimes it feels much easier to let things stir inside of us rather than burden someone with our feelings.

It is not always evident the damage holding emotions is doing to us on the inside.  When emotions and thoughts are held inside of us and not released properly, disease may set in over time.  According to Michael Grant White from [link], “Hormones and nerves are greatly influenced by emotions, which affect every physiological and metabolic function in our bodies. It is vital to work on eliminating resentment, anger, hate, fear, guilt, depression, greed and other negative emotions.”

Are you ready to release your emotions and get healthy this year?  Take this as a formal invitation to speak your truth and take back your mental, emotional and physical wellness.

You may consider filling in your partner or spouse on your vow to speak your truth as it may be quite a change for them.  Letting them know will allow them to be better listeners as opposed to their defenses going up.  One method of speaking your truth is by making requests to get your needs met.  This approach is often very acceptable by the receiving end as they feel they can now help and know exactly what you need.  And remember, express the good feelings as well.  Your partner will appreciate it.

This new practice of speaking up for yourself may require practice to get comfortable with it.  Consider starting this healthy practice with a good friend and share your experiences with them.  As you continue to take small steps forward, it gets easier and easier.

All the best to you and your healthy, loving relationships.

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