With school in session, it is, without a doubt, time to be thinking about germs and our health.  I wanted to share a story with you that may give you another perspective of getting colds as well my tips for clearing them with the most ease, naturally.  

I recently came down with a cold that lasted a good two weeks.  Normally, I am able to relinquish a cold in a couple days with all my herbal remedies and practices.   I happened to be on vacation in California when it hit me many miles from my cabinet of herbal miracles.    

Days prior, I was reading a book which touched a nerve deep inside me.  Many tears flowed reading this book as I knew I connected with a character at a deep emotional level.  What I found during this “down time,” was that I was clearing emotional baggage that I may have been carrying around for many years.  After consulting with my friends, we came to the conclusion that the cold was another avenue for my body to clear these emotions inside me.  Coincidentally, or not, the cold vanished at the same time the book was finished.  And the clearing brought about much awareness of my past emotions.

It was an amazing awareness to know that I could make the most out of this so-called sickness.  From now on, I will look very differently at getting sick and perhaps try to surrender with that which is trying to move through me. 

With that, I leave with you some of my natural tips for ridding a cold, which now let’s call a cleansing.   I found it to be difficult to remember all the things that have helped in the past when you are feeling under the weather.  A list may do just the trick and perhaps I’ll hand it to my husband if another cleansing comes my way.

  • Use a Netti pot to clear sinuses
  • Drink/eat warm liquids
  • Take herbal tinctures to boost your immune system
  • Vitamin C.  I have taken up to 2000mg 3-5x/day when sick.
  • Putting a lot of hard-to-digest food in your stomach will take up much energy including that of your immune system.   Eat mostly vegetables & some low-sugar fruit for nutrients
  • Lots of H2O to drink (room temperature is easiest on the body)
  • Warm lemon water to clean the liver. Drink 2-3x/day
  • Lots of extra sleep
  • Positive thoughts/affirmations
  • Gently massage your lymph system toward heart to get toxins moving out
  • Yoga, stretching with some deep breathing (same purpose)
  • Gargle with warm salt water
  • Use of essential oils can be helpful (eucalyptus -7 part, lavender -3, rosemary -1).  Rub on forearms, wrists, feet, ears
  • If fever, cold press on stomach area (where we carry the most heat)
  • If headache, cold press on back of neck for 10min
  • When all else fails, a shot of liquor may kill some germs

 To your health, your patience and acceptance of any cleansing your body deserves… 

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