In 2010, you are invited to take action on what you are passionate about.  There is quite a lot to be thankful for today but there also seems to be a lot of complaining and finger pointing regarding the economy, health care, the war, global warming, etc. Brace yourself complainers, but perhaps taking ownership of the issues and taking action, could change the situation and our well-being.

Consider the changes happening in the world today moving us to a better place.  This comes not without bumps in the road especially if we resist these changes. For example, instead of wishing people would spend money again and revive the economy, perhaps we could look back and learn about all the waste we had, the harm it did to the earth, the debt that was created, and the emotional dependence on material things. Is this really the place we wish to go back to? If out of fear, the answer is probably yes.

To take another approach, looking at the big picture, the changes happening in the world, and looking within ourselves to see what we can do to move with the changes will help create this new world. What can we do individually to create jobs for example? Wow, what a concept! We individually could create jobs and improve the economy instead of expecting our government to do so.  One example could be freeing up your current job and doing something that this world really needs right now, something you are also passionate about changing. Creating a non-profit for example, that could possibly get funded for you and create jobs. This non-profit may put food on the tables of the hungry or help communities create gardens to feed their families. Other ideas will surface based on individual passion, talents, and situations. The possibilities are endless.

Being happy in this world is about taking responsibility for the world we live in and making changes for our own happiness and a better world. On January 1st, ask yourself what you can do.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” — Mahatma Gandhi

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