As 2012 approaches, it is a perfect time to look ahead as to the changes that may take place in our society.  Many believe that 2012 is the time of great acceleration of higher consciousness for humans.  For those unprepared, it may be a very challenging time.  For those eager for the changes and making positive steps toward a higher consciousness today, it can be smooth sailing. 

If acceleration of higher consciousness is about to take place for humanity, does this mean that human’s may become near enlightened?  Without knowing for sure, it is a fun exercise to examine what that might look like. 

Enlightenment includes having a deep connection with our souls with little focus on our human qualities such as how we look physically, our beliefs, gender, race, thoughts, etc.  One way to connect with our souls is through meditation.  The trick here is to bring that source connection we feel during meditation to our everyday life. 

To live fully through our souls all the time, one may use the act of surrendering.  If one surrenders all of their beliefs, agendas, ego, relationships, etc. to the universe (or to God), it means that we are putting our lives in God’s hands.  We are in the driver’s seat so-to-speak but it means that our divine self is now driving, not our mind-self.  This divine self is connected to all of God, the universe as a whole.  And whatever is our true divine path in life will show up for us as we take those steps of living our true purpose.  Connection to our divine self means knowing which steps to take in life at every moment and being open and aware of these opportunities.  This could be a scary predicament for some, but for others, it is the only way and it is time.  For those taking the leap will set the stage for the acceleration for all humankind to move in that direction.  Are you ready?

When it comes to relationships, we may reconnect with souls that we have had connection with in past lives.  This may also include finding connection on a soul level with those we may have judged in the past to be the wrong status or having the wrong interests for us as an example.  Relationships that have been based on emotion, status, interest commonality, religious or political beliefs, may not flourish as they did before.  

Intimate relationships also may look very different.  Instead of based on common interests, these relationships may come together based on an intimate soul connection.  And keep in mind, if souls have no gender, race or status, what your “soul mate” looks like, no longer matters. 

Connection to other souls doesn’t necessary mean human connection.  Many believe that souls do not die when transitioning to the spirit world.  So this means that our soul may make connections with those who have passed (as some humans do today).  In addition, the distance another is physically from you, means nothing.  Soul to soul connection has no distance.  In other words, the human body is not required for this connection.

So when other humans begin to surrender their own agendas to God, what other changes may we see take place?  Surrendering to God (or to our divine self) means complete trust that God will take care of all our needs if we simply take the steps she is placing in front of us.  This means that we are always connected to divine source, our divine wisdom, and always know which steps to take as we gracefully move through life.  The steps shown to us and taken will move us into a place of service based on our innate gifts. 

We no longer have a fear of money nor have a desire for more.  When there is no fear or worry, money flows easily to us as we need it (assuming money is still needed in this new society). 

Technology and the internet loses importance.  Communication is now transparent as all knowledge is available to us in the universe and communicated telepathically.  It has always been there, but we now have access to it (without google).

Government, police, courts, lawyers and doctors may also lose importance.  Without ego, there is no crime or disagreements.  Peace will take these entities out of the equation.

How about our health?  Souls are deeply connected to Mother Earth.  Being spiritually connected to the healing Earth means being forever healthy as the Earth heals us and takes care of us.  We nourish the Earth, connect with our souls, and she gives back to us all the love and healing we could ever dream of.  And with universal knowledge and perfect intuition, we know exactly how to use the earth for our medicinal and healing needs without books or reference guides.  We no longer need spreadsheets and calendars to know when and what to plant for food as divine connection allows us to have divine wisdom guiding our every move.  It is in our innate wisdom, our intuition, to know what to do when, where, and how much.  We move with the tempo of Mother Earth and she guides us through our joyous lives.

Look around you and you will notice that many of these changes are already taking place.  As the number of humans waking up increases to the tipping point, this acceleration of consciousness will be undeniable.  Those resisting it will struggle for awhile, and those flowing with it will prosper with joy.  Those prospering will see the changes and challenges as moving toward this higher consciousness.  The love for our Earth and all living beings will be grand and peace on Earth will be far greater than we could ever imagine.  Of course fighting stops, but also the peace energy emanates throughout the earth and the atmosphere well into the cosmos.  Life on Earth will transform and support all our needs.      

So what can we do individually to move toward this soul connected joyous living?  One step is to practice daily meditation for 15 minutes with slow rhythmic breathing.  When you feel connected to source in the meditation, you are in that place of higher consciousness.  The goal then is to be in that place during everyday activities.  To get to that place, a 2 minute conscious breathing exercise (meditation) every hour may help to redirect yourself back to that place throughout the day.  Another option is to play affirmations during your meditation when you are connected to source.  At that place is the optimal time to affect the subconscious and transform our lives.  A meditation I have recently discovered is called “Getting in the Vortex” book and CD from Esther and Gerry Hicks.  This will guide the daily meditation, breathing, and affirming for you. 

Love and peace to your soul journey…  namaste’.

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