Everyone this side of preschool has heard the saying, “the truth shall set you free.”  As we get wiser, it becomes clearer that this doesn’t just mean, tell the truth, do not lie, and you will feel well.  It is actually one of the most beautiful and truthful quotes to live by.  Let’s explore…

At a deeper level, telling “the truth,” means being truthful to you and others about how you feel and being open about it.  For example, telling someone that you feel deeply connected with them may allow a deeper friendship or intimacy between the two of you.  Or telling someone that you regret forgetting their birthday may release feelings of regret or guilt.  This not only gives the other person validation that you do care about them, it also sets you free of any guilt, shame, or secret you’re been holding inside. 

If certain behaviors (from you or others) are giving you anxiety or they’ve been pushed so deep inside that they are creating sickness in your body, telling someone these feelings can give you back control of the feeling that has been controlling you.  Now that is freedom!

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