My Interpretation of You Are The Placebo by Joe Dispenza

Initial Remarks

Reading You Are the Placebo by Joe Dispenza brought a new awareness and perspective of self-healing and the law of attraction for me. Joe Dispenza gets into the nitty gritty of quantum physics and why this stuff works. I like to simplify concepts and bring it to a level that can be easily understood and applied. And although fully understanding the science that Joe explains in the book is beneficial to the whole process, most won’t try to understand it or attempt to pick up the book. And I think understanding the nuts and bolts can bring new perspective and potentially changing for the better. Please keep in mind, this is my interpretation of the concepts outlines in the book probably mingled with my own beliefs around this subject. So here goes.

Beliefs and Perceptions

We live with certain beliefs and perceptions about ourselves and life in general. These beliefs are ingrained at a subconscious level mostly because there was emotion tied to certain experiences. That emotion component pulled them into the subconscious realm. Because 95% of our thoughts are subconscious, it is nearly impossible to consciously change these beliefs. We need to get to the subconscious level for changing subconscious beliefs.

Physical Manifestation of Beliefs

These beliefs that are in our mind basically created our body. In other words, if there is an unhealthy belief running your life, it will manifest in the body in some manner (health issues, postural issues, etc.). Basically, what is going on in the mind creates the body. The physical matter (body) is simply a manifestation of the mind (or thoughts and beliefs).

The Power of the Mind

The good news is that you don’t have to have new experiences to change your mind/beliefs and hence your physical body. You can simply create the experience inside your mind. It is proven that the body shifts with these new imagined experiences. In other words, your mind doesn’t know the difference between a true experience and one happening inside the mind. Your body will adjust either way.

The Quantum Field of Possibility

One more point of reference that Joe describes is that our physical body is matter, and the space around us is the quantum field of possibility. And if our body is the manifestation of our minds belief system, and the mind is dictating it, then what would happen if we placed the mind into this field of possibility (outside the body), and created new beliefs? Doing so means placing your focus on the space outside the body (during meditation).

Emotion is the Key

That’s all good but what in the world do we do in this open field of possibility? Well, if we bring emotion into the mix, along with the new belief you want, magic happens. Because emotion is what solidifies the belief into the subconscious just like past trauma affected you.

Create New Beliefs

So what is it you would rather think or believe? Would you like to believe that it’s easy to achieve health and vitality? Or that you have a gentle nourishing relationship with food? Or that relationships are fun and easy?

Start with a clear intention of what you’d rather have (a new belief), and then imagine how it would feel to have that. The intention with emotion or feeling is the key. And practicing that over and over again can rewrite your old beliefs. This new mind is then forced to create a new body to match the vibration of the new beliefs. Simple right?

Commitment to this Work

Depending on your level of commitment, it can be. Your mind is powerful and if you choose to continue to believe the same belief system, your future will continue to be your past. And maybe you are good with that. But I bet there are some things in your life you wouldn’t mind shifting. The question is, how committed are you?

If you are willing to be patient and bring full dedication to this practice, you will have success. Joe has tremendous success in his workshops doing just that. Spontaneous healing can happen from a single meditation session. Now that is likely the exception not the rule, but keep in mind, placebo’s have a great track record. If the mind is on board, the body must follow. And you have the power to be the placebo and transform your body by thought alone (well sort of – as long as emotion is tied to that thought).

Learning  More

I highly recommend Joe’s book, You Are The Placebo, seminars (although I haven’t attended), and meditation CD’s to dive into this practice. But even if you wish to not read Joe’s book or download his meditations, knowing this information can get you thinking differently. Be mindful of your thoughts and what beliefs may be tied to them. Visualize and feel deeply how you would rather be. Continue to do so and you may find your old beliefs rewritten with new ones. And do consider reading Joe’s book for a deeper understanding.

Steps to Changing Beliefs for a New You

Here are some over simplified steps including one that I added which is printing out visual images of what it would look like to achieve what you want. Google images is great for finding the perfect ones to illustrate the right emotion. During visualization, it’s then easier to bring that vision into your head.

  1. Upon waking, begin meditation by focusing on some deep breaths.
  2. Move your focus into the space outside of your body where possibility resides. Move around this area, explore it a bit. This space exists around you, between your toes, the space in your nostrils, everywhere other than the physical matter you see and feel.
  3. Bring in your intention – what do you want?
  4. Now how would it feel to have that? Feel as deeply as you can. Visualize what you could do it you had that (i.e. climbing mountains, fitting into that size 6, etc.). Stay here. Allow your mind to explore how it looks and feels. See if you can find the elation it would bring you. Feel the gratitude of having that. Act as if it is already your experience.
  5. Visualize again before falling asleep at night.
  6. Consider printing and posting visual images that represent what you want.
  7. Practice daily.

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