IT’S TIME to transition off the dreaded processed foods and finally make your health a priority.

Health experts agree that processed foods may be the most damaging food for our health. Whether you follow a vegetarian or Paleo diet or something in between, transforming your diet to whole foods can be a game changer!

Join plant-based cooking instructor and health educator, Linda Curry, for step-by-step instruction over 8 weeks to incorporate changes that last.

It CAN be affordable AND easy to create delicious & healthy food



  • Efficient ways to prepare healthy whole foods
  • Specific focus on substituting common processed foods
  • Save money on eating healthy
  • Create DELICIOUS food
  • Sense of well-being
  • Confidence in preparing healthy foods
  • Support system
  • Space in your pantry 🙂

Focus Areas:

Elimination and substitutions of processed foods such as:

  • Breakfasts: Cereal,Pop tarts,Waffles,Toast
  • Drinks: Milks,Flavored water,Soda,Juice
  • Lunches: Canned foods (ravioli, etc.),Bread/sandwiches,Condiments (salad dressing, ketchup, mayo, etc.), Meat and cheese slices
  • Snacks: Chips,Crackers,Cookies,Bars
  • Dinners: Frozen or boxed meals,Sauces,Pasta,
  • Bonus Module – making foods more nutrient-rich: Soaking,Fermenting,Food combining


  •  Food-allergy friendly, Personalized lessons available
  • First 3 to rsvp will receive free 30min personal consultation with me.
  • Pilot program will receive $100 off for only $249 (regularly $349). $49 deposit to reserve your seat. Limited attendance.
  • Health Dividend members and seniors receive 15% off. Call to reserve your spot 480-510-8274


• Meet for 90 min weekly (6 weeks in person over 8 wks).  Saturdays April 18th thru June 6th  (May 2nd and 23rd online work only).

• ~30min food prep demonstrations included

• Sampling of 1 or more recipes for the next week’s actions

• Recipes and grocery lists for the current week’s theme

• Discussion of current weeks challenges

• Online discussions and follow-up during off weeks (email, phone, FB, blog, skyp, etc. – TBD)

 RSVP to reserve your spot. Space is limited to 8.  Pilot program starting April 2015 receives $100 off!

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