Your Body Talks

The tightness of my abdomen reminds me of the congestion in my body as if everything has come to a screeching halt inside. I ponder how this could exist for someone with such a clean, wholesome diet and lifestyle. My digestive tract is a vulnerability no doubt. Maintaining optimal health and wellbeing seems to be an uphill battle sometimes. Today is different. Instead of exhausting all efforts on a physical level, I look deeper.

Questions arise out of nowhere. Why are my emotions manifesting congestion in my body? Where in my life am I holding on when I really need to let go? Why is it so difficult for me to release that which isn’t serving me? Where am I lacking flexibility and the ability to flow with life? I allow patience as I anxiously await my answers.

As I step out of the soothing shower and remind myself to be present, I see steam floating and swirling in the air as it gently and slowly moves upward. I feel admiration with the flowing nature of the steam. And I ask, how can I be flexible and flowing with all that life brings to me? And so I make a declaration for today to be flexible and flowing with life. Hard agendas are no longer as I follow the energy life brings to me. Slowing down will reveal the opportunities rushing toward me. I am grateful to my body for showing me the way.

Our body talks to us bringing awareness to our needed growth areas. What is your body manifesting today that may be limiting you?

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