Pegan Diet? Cross between Paleo and Vegan. hmm

Have you heard the latest diet called Pegan? Created by Dr. Hyman, it is a cross between Vegan and Paleo. Yup, that’s right, taking the good from both diets and avoiding the pitfalls like too much meat from Paleo and vegan comfort foods like potato chips or French fries. Reducing inflammation in the body seems to be a big focus. The diet guides you to load your plate with whole plant foods and use meat more like a condiment which is better for your health and the environment.  He also mentions limiting grains and beans to 1/2 cup per day and choosing healthier grains like quinoa and black rice which are also gluten-free as gluten can be inflammatory.

I say…. for the vegan animal lovers out there, keep to a whole foods diet and march on. For the Paleo dieters, I think Pegan is worth a shot. I would love to hear your thoughts…

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