Practical Kitchen Tips for the Busy Person

Do you find it challenging to stick to your healthy regimen with your busy schedule? Here are my practical kitchen tips for making your food preparation easier.  I would love to hear what you would add. Comment below.

Linda’s Practical Kitchen Tips for the Busy Person

• Start your day by loading up the blender with nutrient-dense whole foods.
• When making a meal, chop extra veggies for two-minute meal prep next day.
• Cook more grains or legumes than you need and store leftovers for quick reheat.
• Buy organic frozen vegetables to have on hand when you’re out of fresh.
• Eating simple raw dishes can save lots of time and give you loads of nutrition. Consider blender soups, smoothies, nut pate’s and protein balls.
• Pre-make cultured vegetables like sauerkraut – keeps for months in the fridge.
• Keep grocery list on fridge. When running low on a staple, write it down.
• Make a large bowl of salad greens to keep in fridge for days.
• When using your food processor or blender, plan ahead and make next meal or snack.
• Have the right tools in your kitchen. A mandolin for slicing quickly, food processor for bigger jobs, blender, emersion blender (for salad dressings, pureeing soups, etc.).
• Make marinara or pesto ahead of time and freeze small batches.
• To avoid peeling garlic for every meal, make garlic paste (garlic and cooking oil) in blender, then store in small jars in fridge or freezer to quickly add a spoonful to dishes.
• When heating the oven to cook squash, yams, potatoes, cook more than you will eat and refrigerate for a cold salad, cut and broil for fries, use to thicken soup broth or reheat for another dinner. Cooked sweet potato and an avocado makes an easy quick breakfast/lunch.
• Toss favorite vegetables or tofu into marinade while you’re working all day. Throw on grill or roast/bake them when you get home.
• In morning, throw broth, legumes, vegetables, spices/salt, onion and garlic in slow cooker and come home to a cooked meal.
• Leftovers are key! Cook more than you will eat. The next night, just reheat.

Health educator & practical chef, Linda Curry, empowers others to “attain health one bite at a time.”  Linda is living her dream teaching others to heal and nourish through a whole foods, plant-strong diet.  Linda has experience educating cancer patients with a whole foods, nutrient-dense diet, and doing one-on-one personalized and group food prep lessons including a focus on food allergies.  Linda has been showing individuals how to easily make delicious, practical, plant-based meals for optimal health in a busy world. Linda is available for health consultations.

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