Probiotic Considerations

Probiotic Controversy

There is much controversy over whether probiotic supplements are doing us any good. And assuming there is benefit to them, we cannot be sure if a manufacturer is using good practices to ensure the bacteria are viable by the time they enter our mouth.

That is why I want to share with you the results of a comprehensive review of 277 probiotics and which products came out at the top of the list. [read]

Stomach Acid

But there is another concern many health advocates are raising. Stomach acid may be killing our precious bacteria before it even leaves the stomach. Due to this concern, manufacturers are starting to develop probiotics that survive stomach acid. Keep an eye out for these products (Body Ecology or MegaSporeBiotic are two I am aware of).

Fermented and Cultured Foods

Finally, I get to my common-sense approach to health and my gut tells me to keep incorporating healthy fermented and cultured foods into our regimen. This has been done for hundreds of years. For making your own, refer to my blog.  A happy tummy is a happy immune system.

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