Simple Nature Product Testimonials

Thank you to our valued customers who have helped us grow our Simple Nature all natural product line. Your feedback is appreciated. For a complete list of current offerings please check our Products page or Contact Us.

“For me, it is all about simplicity and ease of use.   I stick a finger in it, it goes into the palms, the palms slap the face, the face then comes to life – and I am ready for my day.  Living in the desert for years, I am finally nourishing my skin and adding the moisture it needs.  And, the face cream seems to be fading my age spots.  That is definitely something to be excited about!  Thanks Linda!”  – Joel B., Chandler AZ

Linda Curry‘s wealth of herbal wisdom, in addition to her excellent products, has been a treasured find.  For easier sleeping, headaches, and muscles pain, to small cuts and burns, I use her natural products knowing I am getting fresh, pure ingredients which work AND save me money.”  – Morgonn Bryant, AZ

“My husband, a baseball player, loves arnica salve for all his stiff muscles and joint pain. It’s the only thing he needs and uses when he gets home from a game. I have used the burn salve, lip balm, and face cream and think it’s all marvelous. Thank you for introducing us to great natural products that we feel good about using.”  – Lori and Pete, Gilbert, AZ

“The thing I like most about True Balance Wellness products is their simplicity. It is great to know and understand that sometimes less is more. I consider myself a minimalist and someone who reads labels. There are only a handful of ingredients in each one of her products and you can pronounce them all. I use the face cream everyday and it is the best I ever had. I also use the arnica salve for me and my clients with great results. The pain does go away. I also have experience with the air sanitizer, hand sanitizer, and lip balm. Love them all. I am so grateful that I have met Linda and have been introduced to her products. I recommend them every day to my Body Stress Release Clients. Thank you.”  – Sherri Hered, BSR Practitioner

It is all so wonderful.  The best part is I know you made these products and they are so pure.  The arnica salve is half gone and helped with forearm muscle soreness.  The room spray, I keep at work for my office which is a nice refresher and just makes me feel good.  When I use the Clarity essential oil, I have to say, that is the most pure clean smell of all (I love it!).” – Gene Tunder, Chandler, AZ

The bruising on my arms is the result of the use of blood thinners.  If I apply the Arnica Salve to the bruised area 2 or 3 times a day they will fade in half the time that it would take without the Arnica.  Thanks for introducing me to it.” -John Hansen, Mesa, AZ

“Thanks so much for the lovely face cream. I’m using it every day and I love the way it makes my skin feel.”  – Christy Lang, Los Altos, CA

“The natural face cream when put on at night softens the skin throughout the night.  It has a clean, fresh odor, which works well in our desert climate.”

“I would highly recommend the Natural Air Freshener.  It smells fresh without the aerosol smell or the too-sweet odor of some fresheners.  It is very light.”

“The Arnica Salve is a real find.  It has a clean, fresh odor and definitely shortens discoloring due to bruises.” – Shirley from Mesa, AZ

“I have the cocoa butter hand salve and I use it when I really want to treat my hands to a nice product. It helps my hands – which are very dry, especially in this climate – and I can’t get enough of the smell – yum!” – Jacqui Baker, Tempe, AZ

“I actually have had the pleasure of knowing Linda for well over one year now. She has presented herself with integrity and honor. She is passionate about what she does and I have enjoyed creating natural skin care products in her classes. I have attended a few now and have experienced a relaxed atmosphere and camaraderie among the guests. I actually like all of the products that we created and I use them daily. I especially benefit from the face cream as I feel like I am not introducing any chemicals into my skin.  I’m not getting any younger and I need to preserve and treat my skin well.  I currently use the lip balm, the foot cream, the face cream, the bath salts, the essential oil scents, the hand salve and the herbal mask. I love all of it!”  – Bea Brouwer, Marketing Consultant, Chandler, AZ

“If anyone would make a good deodorant tester, it would be me.  Being a full time yoga instructor, I sometimes lead up to 7 classes a day, not to mention riding my bike to work some days.  So I ask more than I should of my deodorant.  It must keep up with me, or it’s gone.   So when i learned about Linda’s all natural deodorant, I just had to give it a whirl!  From day one I put it through it paces, I had yoga classes and then an outdoor yoga photo shoot.  By the end of the day I was amazed to find that her deodorant kept up with me!  Most fell  behind after the first 2 hours, but not hers, hours after applying I still smelled wonderful!  Day after day I use this and day after day it  keeps on performing.  What is really nice is how natural and pure it is.  Nothing like keeping it simple and getting the results you demand!” – April Anne

“I recently had an opportunity to really put the Arnica Salve to the test.  I had participated in a 5 hour AcroYoga (imagine partner yoga meets the circus) and Slackline yoga (yoga moves done on a 1-2 inch line 2-5 feet off the ground) workshop.  The next day when i awoke I found bruises all over my legs and angry bicep muscles.  I applied the salve to all of my many bruises and aching muscles that morning and night.  By the next day I was already seeing an improvement with the color of my bruises and the soreness of my muscles.  By day 2 I saw a night and day difference with my bruises and was able to se my arms again!  Here it is day 3 and the bruises on one leg are basically gone and my arms 100% normal again!  This salve totally saved my body!” – April Anne

“As a dream coach and leader of dream groups, I know your dreams are bringing you valuable wisdom and guidance every night. But what if you can’t remember your dreams? Simple Nature Dream Salve to the rescue! Many of my dreamers have been using this all natural product and reporting great improvement in their ability to remember their dreams.” – Claire Perkins,

“My face used to feel dry all the time and the drug store anti-aging lotions made my skin burn. Then I found Simple Nature Anti-Aging Facial Cream. My skin feels soft, my wrinkles have diminished, and my skin tone has evened out where I had sun damage. I absolutely LOVE this all natural product and will never go back to the drug store varieties. Thanks, Linda, for an amazing product!” – Claire Perkins

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