I have been taking a 5wk detoxification program through Roland Mills “Say Yes to Better Health” program.  I have learned many tid bits that certainly I will share through some of my classes, luncheons and such. I wanted to share something that has been instrumental in helping me keep my energy levels stable.  Many of us have heard it before, but I really started to take it seriously and by golly, it works!  The simple tip is this:  with every meal or snack always have some protein (~1/3), complex carbs (~2/3), and healthy fats (~dash).  These three things are essential for properly breaking down our food to utilize the nutrition available to us.  No matter how healthy you think you are eating, most of the nutrients may just go through your system without proper breakdown if we don’t follow this simple tip.


Being plant based, my snacks usually consist of nuts (protein, fat), dried fruit (carbs), or veggies (carbs), hummus / nut-based pate (fat, protein).  Salads will always have nuts, seeds (protein, fat), olive oil (fats), and of course lots of good leafy greens (carbs) and other colorful veggies for an array of vitamins.  For meals I usually have grains (carbs), beans or legumes (protein, fat), tofu on occasion (protein), and lots of veggies (carbs).  If I decide to munch on a carrot or a piece of fruit during the day, I now have it with a small handful of nuts or nut butter (almond is my favorite).


Want more information on Roland’s detox program?  Check out his website SayYesToBetterHealth.com.

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