Staying Healthy over the Holidays

It’s not easy staying healthy with all the sweets, carb-overload, alcohol, and a lot of sitting around.  Food is a big part of  the holidays, and with Thanksgiving just behind us, we are all thinking about surviving December without gaining an inch around our waists.  Here are some simple yet effective ways to stay healthy and even gain health in December:

  • Start walking.  The air is crisp and cool and feels so good when you are moving.  Walking can be social and exercise in general makes you feel great and less likely to reach for additional sweets & carbs.
  • When choosing an alcoholic drink, make healthier choices without a lot of added sugar. Herbal teas are social and much healthier than alcohol.
  • Drink plenty of water. Make it more festive by infusing a bottle of water with mint leaves and cucumber or some slices of fruit.
  • Make a commitment to avoid certain items (your downfalls) for the month of December and stick to it.  For example, gluten, chocolate or peanut butter.
  • When enjoying a sweet, enjoy it with intention. Avoid guilt eating in which it is there and gone within seconds as you’re reaching for the next one.
  • Don’t buy sweets for the home. You’ll get plenty outside the home.
  • Always eat before going to social functions.  A healthy green smoothie, salad, beans, whole grains, etc.  A tall glass a water will also fill you up for a while before meals.
  • Make a healthy, filling dish to take to social functions. Let the other folks make the sweet, unhealthy food to avoid leftovers at home.
  • Did I mention exercise?  Your body will be much more resilient to the unhealthy indulgences if you are moving daily.
  • Have fun over the holidays and enjoy some of your favorite treats without guilt.

 Make a commitment to yourself to create a couple goals over the holiday season and come out feeling great for the New Year! 

What do you do to stay healthy over the holidays?  Please comment.

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