The Wart Fairy

I suppose there are worse nicknames.  Lately I have been called the “The Wart Fairy” because my Creosote Salve has been taking warts away from children.  And, keeping them away.

  • My 7-year old daughter developed a wart on the web of her hand.  We were using Linda’s Creosote Salve off and on, but upon hearing the doctor’s solution for removing the wart, my daughter agreed to use the salve consistently.  We applied the salve nightly for about three weeks.  One morning on the way to school my daughter said “Look.  I can peel it right off.”  And she did.  It has been several months and there is no sign of it returning.  Pain free, and highly effective!  – Nikki Albert
  •  “This worked. I had to go to the doctor four times so they could take my warts off and we used other medicine at home. My warts did not go away. This medicine didn’t hurt and we put it on at night for three weeks. My warts are gone. I’m happy.”  Eric, age 9

Creosote salve, also referred to as chaparral salve, is a medicinal salve made from the Creosote bush harvested right here in the desert.   There is a distinct difference in how western medicine treats warts and how nature treats them.  In western medicine, typically the doctor will freeze off the warts often leaving behind residue under the skin bringing the wart back yet again.  Using nature on the other hand is quite different.  When applying the salve directly onto the wart (or other abnormal growth), the herb will draw out any bacteria, virus, or abnormality from deep under the skin.  Often times the wart or growth will look redder and bigger as this process is taking place.  Usually within  3 weeks the wart falls off leaving no residue behind.  Isn’t nature cool?

Utilizing nature to heal our ills is a far better solution in my opinion.  We are connected to nature.  Nature knows how to work with our bodies to heal our wounds.  The more we use nature, the more connected we become to intuitively know which plants to choose.  Coincidentally, the plant often shows up for us just when we need it.

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