Transcending Pain

As I lie here with one hand gently holding my left jaw, I close my eyes and feel deeply into the activity happening in there. In the past, I would have thought of this as pain, my brain’s enemy. Instead, I feel deeper into it and sense the healing that is taking place in the space where my dead tooth resided. I take a deep breath and relax more as I loosen the muscles in my jaw, face and lips. I hold focus on the activity and visualize an army of soldiers in there working hard to make it right again. I relax into the moment and fully experience that which is here now.

My stomach interrupts me with a deep growl as if it’s scolding me for not giving it more sustenance this morning. Well, I thought that eating less would allow my immune system to work on what was more necessary today. Perhaps I didn’t think that one through as I contemplated what I could get in my system without sucking, slurping, chewing or swishing.

The warm cup in my hands feels like heaven on earth. As I pour the warm broth into my mouth, it runs down my throat and feeds my soul. I never thought a cup of miso soup could bring me to such heights. I feel like I’m coming off of a 30-day fast and finding food again when really I had a smoothie just five hours ago.

I read for a bit until I sense discomfort in my mouth again. Sure enough, my jaw clenched. I put everything aside once again and just lay under the cozy “magic” blanket Rich offered to me and I focus again deeply as I feel my miniature army doing its job. I close my eyes, focus, relax and breathe into the moment once again. I am home and all is well.

I avoided pain killers after a tooth extraction and went to bed that evening with no discomfort. I credit this to my willingness to do “nothing” for five hours while giving intentional focus to the healing taking place. Do you have any experiences dealing with pain or discomfort? I would love to hear from you.

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