Waterless Skin Care

Did you know waterless skin care is a new eco-friendly trend? And Simple Nature Skin Care is on board!

Simple Nature products made without water include:

Simple Nature has always crafted recipes to enhance shelf-life naturally without the need for toxic preservatives and that means eliminating water where possible.

*I personally have replaced my personal use of creams with this serum and add water to my hands when applying it. That way you get all the nourishing ingredients with moisture for hydration.

Why is this a good idea?

Creams have a large water content which bacteria loves! If you add the water during application however, you eliminate the risk of your product going bad. Oils can still go rancid over time (smell it), but are much more stable. Plus, the serum is in a pump bottle so you don’t have to expose it to oxygen during use.¬†

Consider these principles when buying your natural skin care products.

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