What Truly Matters

When I randomly opened a page in my latest book, The 4-Minute Miracle and Healthy Aging, I found a perfect reminder for the holiday season or any season for that matter.

“Common death-bed regrets typically have to do with working too much and not spending enough time with loved ones. Life truly is about relationships and keeping your heart open and honest. Sure, making a difference through your work is important too, but when it comes to the end of this life, you may value relationships over anything else. Enjoying life is what it’s all about. And when you do that, you look pretty damn sexy.”

Linda is passionate about educating the importance of food and utilizing nature in a positive manner, for your overall health bringing empowerment and vitality to those willing to learn. Linda’s motto, “Attaining health one bite at a time,” is achieved through simplifying health strategies. Ask about personal plant-strong cooking instruction and health consultations.

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