Bread is Back!

Is bread back? Did you know that American’s are eating way less bread since 2010 yet continue to gain weight? Perhaps dropping our beloved was a mistake? I’m not sure about the correlation but I do know that there are healthier ways to make, buy and consume bread.

I am beyond thrilled to report I have real bread back in my life! And guess what? It comes without the bloat.

Bread Practices

Commercial practices in the U.S. have made bread hard to digest, spiking blood sugar, and causing weight gain among other things. But there are healthier preparations that some U.S. companies practice as well as other cultures around the world.

Learn my tips on what to look for in the grocery store and for making your own delicious mouth-watering loaves.

Buying Bread

First of all, let’s address what to look for in the grocery store to ensure you are buying bread that is easier to digest and health-promoting.

  • Read ingredients! Look for “whole” grains for the most nutrition.
  • “Sprouted” whole grains are even better for easier digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • Look for few or zero grams of sugar on the nutrition label.
  • “True” Sourdough, without added yeast, may be the healthiest yet due to the natural bacteria and yeast to help break down the grains before you eat it.
  • The freezer section may be the gold mine for finding the healthiest breads with no preservatives.

Making Your Own Bread

For those brave souls that want to go a step further and make your own, this is where it starts to get fun and interesting. I started making my own gluten-free sourdough and I am in heaven! Zero deprivation, zero guilt, and zero bloat! Here are some tips for getting started:

  • Find someone local to you that makes sourdough already. They likely will be very willing to share their culture starter with you as it multiplies very quickly (anyone live in Mesa, contact me).
  • You can also purchase a culture starter from a company online.
  • Get ready to start feeding your culture and just know that you can hibernate your starter in the fridge in between bread cycles.
  • Find lots of recipes to use your culture including the discarded cultures from feedings.

Not convinced you’re ready to eat carbs again? Don’t fear, enjoy some low-carb bread recipes.  And be sure to try my lemon scones to please any sugar addict without the guilt.

How do you feel about bringing bread back into your life? Please comment. I’d love to chat.

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